Senior Ecologist

About Naturecall:
Naturecall is a fully licensed and accredited environmental management consultancy providing world-class solutions at world-class standards in environmental management at the local level. Our head office is located in the Gold Coast, with our NSW office in beautiful Port Macquarie, with regional staff in north and far north Queensland, south Australia and Northern Territory. From these key locations, we serve a range of industries and all levels of government, branching out from Queensland into northern NSW, and increasingly delivering across Australia.

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Position summary:
On-going corporate growth and market demand has developed the opportunity for a senior ecologist in the QLD office to assist Naturecall's principal ecologist to both continue driving the growth and development of Naturecall across Qld and Australia; and maintain the delivery to the exceptionally high level of professional standards our clients expect and enjoy.

Your primary role will be primarily acting as the senior ecologist of the ecology unit in Qld at head office, under administration by the principal ecologist/national coordinator. Your role will be diverse, from undertaking/leading field work in all possible terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (including potentially working in remote areas for prolonged periods) as required for the task; to associated high level reporting. You will be responsible for providing unquestionably sound scientifically and legislatively quantified and qualified advice to our clients for statutory compliance for development applications, REFs, EISs, VMPs, RMPs, offset plans, consent condition compliance, community projects, etc. In addition to your high level of professional presentation in personal and written communication, you will demonstrate both your high level of communication skills and your depth of knowledge to mentor in-house staff, work with interdisciplinary teams, and provide high level advice to clients, instilling in all a sense of secure confidence in your capabilities and proficiency.

Opportunities may arise for you to work in NSW, NT, SA and across Australia where your skills are required, and those you create and secure via your initiative and passion. We consider that this is a unique opportunity for someone with a fervent desire to invest themselves into a role that will provide them with the resources and support of a team of like-minded and keenly motivated high level professionals to rise to be recognised as an industry leader.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
•Performing all aspects of flora and fauna surveys such as: Spotlighting, call playback, Elliot A/B trapping, wire cage trapping, pitfalls, harp trapping, etc
•Vegetation identification, community description and mapping using ArcGIS.
•Searches for threatened flora and evaluation of EECs.
•Declared, Noxious and environmental weed identification and mapping
•Habitat evaluation (qualitative and quantitative).
•RE evaluation and Bio-Condition assessments.
•Assessments under the Koala SPRP
•Assessments of MNES and MSES.

•Preparation of scientific, statutory planning and environmental management reports e.g. statutory ecological impact assessments, constraints assessments, vegetation management plans, Koala Plans of Management, MNES Assessments, weed management plans, vertebrate pest management plans, nest box strategies, threatened species management plans, EMPs, CEMPs, offset delivery plans, etc:
•Preparation of REFs and EISs for minor work to project level, including coordination of a team specialist discipline sub-consultants.
•Project ecologist for major construction projects in the resource, infrastructure and domestic sectors. Duties may include undertaking pre-clearing surveys and supervising vegetation clearing operations, including performing fauna rescue activities; through to preparing EWMS, CEMPs, Flora and Fauna management plans, nest box strategies, collecting air and water quality samples, inspecting E&S control.
•Project management and delivery, including preparing tender/EOI responses to project budget planning and management; compliance with Quality control, etc.
•Preparing and undertaking presentations to clients, governments, public meetings, community groups, etc, on various topics or projects.

Minimum experience of 8 years in Environmental/ Ecological Consulting. Similar experience in local or state government preparing or assessing similar duties will be considered on merit. You will be expected to provide copies of documents, studies, reports, papers, etc. for review if selected for interview to demonstrate your competency and capability; and a minimum 3 contactable referees who are directly associated with your professional history.

•Minimum of Undergraduate Bachelor of Science/ Environmental Science/ Applied Science/Natural Resource Management or equivalent in related discipline, with high level academic achievement;
•Extensive demonstrated knowledge of techniques, government standards and demonstrated experience in the delivery of all aspects and scales of ecological field surveys and statutory for both fauna and fauna in Qld.
•Highly detailed and demonstrable knowledge of and experience interpreting and applying relevant environmental legislation (Qld and Commonwealth as a minimum, with NSW and NT an advantage).
•Medium level GIS skills ie ability to prepare vegetation maps, habitat components maps, overlay layouts onto ecological attribute maps, from site to landscape scale.
•Demonstrated commitment to on-going professional development such as membership of scientific organisation, secondary qualifications, workshops, conferences, and/or subscription and ideally input to scientific literature.
•Very high level of self-motivation, self-discipline, initiative and demonstrated ability to manage the position's responsibility and perform complex tasks with minimal supervision.
•Ability to manage all aspects of a project from planning logistics to supervising field staff.
•Thorough understanding of WH&S requirements and obligations.
•Current drivers licence.

Highly Desirable:
•Demonstrable high level botanical skills ie identification, vegetation community mapping, biometrics, REs, etc. Queensland ecosystems are preferred but NSW will be viewed well.
•Thorough knowledge of the Qld Offsets Policy and experience with Offset Delivery Plans.
•Knowledge and proven capability in preparing REFs, EISs; and an associated demonstrated knowledge of legislation aside from that specifically dealing with ecological matters e.g planning heritage and pollution legislation (as relevant to preparing REFs and EISs)
•Qualifications and demonstrated experience in restoration ecology or bush regeneration.
•Qualifications and experience as an Environmental Officer on major construction projects resource and infrastructure

•Accredited NSW Biobanking Assessor
•Bio-Condition assessment qualification.
•Qld S11 Generic Coal Mine induction.
•Experience in assessing offsets under the EPBC Act
•Knowledge and/or experience in ecological consultancy in Qld.
•Postgraduate and specialist studies in relevant fields of study to the ecological impact assessment and restoration industry.
•Demonstrated experience working with the mining and resource industries, and/or linear infrastructure.
•Experience in planning and managing natural areas restoration programs and plans, including project development, planning, implementation and funding.
•Established relationships with Government bodies at State and Local levels.
•Qualifications in Business Development, Project Management and building client relationships.
•Skills/experience in statistical knowledge of ecological data.
•Qualifications and skills/experience in bushland regeneration.
•Skills/experience in specialist areas e.g mobile GIS, radio-tracking, fauna connectivity mitigation for linear infrastructure.
•Knowledge/experience in aquatic ecology/fisheries survey and assessment (but not exclusive specialisation in these fields).
•Knowledge/ experience or qualifications in water quality/chemistry in relation to impact assessments.
•Knowledge/experience or qualifications in soil erosion, water quality, and air quality in relation to environmental monitoring for linear infrastructure.

Please submit resumes to and quote the reference EC110315. Due to the large number of applications received, only applicants who have been short listed for an interview will be contacted.

Applications will close COB 11 April 2015.