Green on a budget

There are plenty of ways to go green without going into the red.

Bulk food stores

Buying in bulk not only reduces plastic packaging, you'll save money too.
Halogen downlight

Ask G: Room lighting

Choose the right type of lighting for your needs.
LED downlight

Ask G: Downlighting

Halogen downlight bulbs can be replaced by a range of alternative globes.


Lauren Singer

I haven't made any trash in 2 years

One blogger's commitment to zero waste sustainable living.

Yes, aerosol’s can be recycled!

Venting frustration at the fact Aussies only recycle 40% of aerosol cans.

Tips for your haven

Over the next month, we'll give the best advice in home, garden, & style!


    Six ways to add style and save power - use louvres in your home.

    Six ways to use Louvres in your home.

    Organic cotton basics with Bhumi

    High quality and completely gorgeous organic cotton products.

    Greening and weatherproofing your garage

    How to make this space more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

    How To...

    bowl cover 4

    How to make reusable bowl covers

    Washable food covers that will keep food fresh time and time again.
    Dripping tap

    How to: fix a dripping tap

    A dripping tap can waste 18,000 L of water a year! But fixing it is easy.
    Nature’s Cuppa Summer Iced Tea

    Nature’s Cuppa Summer Iced Tea

    An easy, thirst-quenching recipe for hot summer days.

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    Ask G


    The baby dilemma: Do we or don’t we?

    Tanya Ha’s comments on the discussion over having kids in today's society

    Ask G: Where do you get 'no junk mail' stickers?

    "No junk mail' stickers are one of the best ways to cut back on mail.
    WELS label

    Ask G: Water saving labelling

    How do I make sense of water rating labels on home appliances?