Aussies opting for GreenPower




Credit: Wikimedia

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An increasing number of Australians are putting their money where their mouths are when it comes to the environment, with around 880,000 households now purchasing green electricity.

According to independent energy price comparison service, the public's move to green energy has grown as 'GreenPower' prices become more competitive.

The latest National GreenPower Accreditation Program Status Report shows that as at December 31, 2008, 877,875 households nationally had subscribed to a GreenPower plan, representing an increase of 26 per cent over the past 12 months.

Greenest States

Victoria is Australia's greenest state when it comes to household electricity use, with 330,000 households purchasing GreenPower (37 per cent of the total).

Queensland was the fastest growing adopter of GreenPower with a 43 per cent annual increase to 220,000 households, and is likely to soon overtake New South Wales for second place behind Victoria.

Australia's largest energy retailer, Origin Energy, was by far the most successful in convincing customers to switch to GreenPower, with 330,000 of its residential customers now on GreenPower plans.

90 Per Cent Yet to Make the Switch founder, Mr Shaun Johnson, said it was heartening to see increased numbers of Australians adopting green electricity in the current economic environment. However, he said nine in 10 Australian households were yet to make the switch to GreenPower.

"Thanks to competition, there are some great GreenPower deals available at prices similar to what many consumers currently pay for their coal-powered electricity," Johnson said.

But, he warned consumers needed to be careful when choosing a GreenPower plan as electricity prices could vary significantly.

"Research conducted by indicates an average Victorian household could pay up to $260 more each year for a 100 per cent GreenPower plan, depending on which supplier they go with. It is imperative consumers compare prices before deciding to switch to green electricity."