Name a shrimp winner announced




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The winner of the Australian Marine Conservation Society's (AMCS) online auction to name a new species of shrimp has been announced: three-time Olympian and ex NBA basketballer, Luc Longley.

Luc is a long-time supporter of the AMCS and placed the winning bid to name the newly described species that was discovered in deep blue waters off South west Australia.

Luc's winning bid raised thousands of dollars to help fund the campaign to save our precious ocean wildlife in Australia's south west oceans.

"It was an absolute pleasure to take part in this auction to help raise funds to protect our south west oceans," he said. "Discoveries like this new deep sea species remind us of how little we know about our oceans and how much we need to protect them."

Luc is still considering the species name for this newly discovered deep sea anemone shrimp, but said, "I haven't decided on the name yet, but that doesn't really matter. What really matters is that we need to protect our oceans."