Pubs and clubs see through the benefits of glass recycling




Tim Rogers, from the Department of Environment and Climate Change,left, and Ed Cordner from the National Packaging Covenant, with the Bottlecycler machine.

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Pubs and clubs in New South Wales and Victoria have shattered the myth that recycling glass bottles is for the too-hard basket.

With a nifty machine called the Bottlecycler created by the eponymous not-for-profit, pubs and clubs in NSW have been able to divert about 300 tonnes (two million stubbies) of landfill-destined glass.

Over a nine-month period, about 60 venues were given a free trial of the Bottlecycler with funding from the National Packaging Covenant (NPC), the Department of Environment and Climate Change and the Packaging Stewardship Forum (PSF).

"We want to foster a recycling culture in the hospitality industry by providing the incentives and infrastructure to do so," said NPC chief executive officer Ed Cordner.

Traditionally, only about 10 per cent of glass bottles are recycled by pubs and clubs.

"We want to have staff at pubs and clubs be able to do what we do at home - be able to recycle," Cordner said.

A spokesperson for the NPC said that about 70 per cent of venues in NSW had decided to continue the Bottlecycling service.

About 400 machines have been adopted by pubs and clubs in NSW and VIC.

The machine holds about 300-400 bottles, crushed to optimum recycling pieces.

Plans are underway to roll out the scheme to other states.