Aussie wine reshapes into plastic bottle



Wolf Blass green label wine

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An Aussie wine has turned a shade of green, with the launch of a lower-impact bottle - one made of plastic.

Wolf Blass have ditched the glass for an imitation of it, in the form of a recyclable (#1) PET plastic bottle.

The 'Diamond Clear' plastic "minimises the oxygen transfer to the wine," said Oliver Pratt, global brand director of Wolf Blass, and it meant to simulate the glass look, so as not to look too out of place with wine drinkers.

The plastic is 100 per cent recyclable and saves about 29 per cent of the greenhouse gases of a regular 750ml glass bottle, the company said. It also saves about one-third of the weight.

An added benefit is its "shatter-proof" factor, Pratt said, which means less worry if you drop a bottle.

The move is in response to consumer demand for a plastic alternative to glass containers, said Pratt.

Despite the higher cost to product a PET bottle, said the company, it has made the commitment to offer a greener product to consumers. If the sales of the red and white green label are a hit, Pratt said, then "there's no reason not to roll it out."

The wine has a shelf life of 12 months, but since most Australians drink wine in the first 24-48 hours of buying a bottle, it has been made to be consumed quickly, with flavours fully developed on opening, said winemaker Marie Clay.

The bottles (Wolf Blass Green Label Crisp Dry White 2008 and Wolf Blass Green Label Cabernet Shiraz 2008) retail for $16.99 are are available now.