Libraries offer energy-measuring devices for loan




One of the devices available for loan at eight of Sydney's local libraries.

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Energy-conscious Sydneysiders can now turn to the local library to borrow devices to measure electricity use, greenhouse emissions and the costs of running household appliances.

Eight City of Sydney libraries (Customs House/Circular Quay, Glebe, Surry Hills, Haymarket, Kings Cross,
Newtown, Waterloo and Ultimo) now have available for loan Power-Mate devices, which connect between the appliance and the power socket to measure energy consumption.

"These devices give people the ability to see for themselves exactly how much that TV, clothes dryer or microwave is costing each year," said Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP, announcing the new library additions.

"The Power-Mates will empower residents with knowledge about their consumption habits and encourage changes that will result in consuming less energy, producing fewer carbon emissions and saving money."

Using the devices, City of Sydney staff have shown that keeping a 32 inch LCD TV on stand-by can cost around $30 a year and produce 169 kg of greenhouse gas, the same as keeping the microwave plugged in, while a 450-litre fridge was found to cost about $173 a year to run and produce almost a tonne of emissions.

"There are simple but important changes people can make to reduce their energy consumption and save money, and these changes, including turning off appliances when not in use, will directly contribute to a more sustainable city," Moore said.

Those looking to make use of the Power-Mates should be aware that, due to popularity, there may be a waiting list to borrow the devices.