Cadbury announces Fairtrade move for chocolates



Fairtrade cocoa growers in Ghana

The switch to Faitrade for Cadbury means good news for these cocoa growers, from the Fairtrade Cocoa Co-operative in Kuapa Kokoo, Ghana.

Credit: Linda Broom

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Cadbury Australia today announced plans for its Dairy Milk range to achieve Fairtrade certification by Easter 2010.

The move will more than triple the amount of Fairtrade product sold throughout Australia and will support cocoa farmers and communities in Ghana, as well as open up opportunities for other cocoa growers around the world.

"Cadbury's commitment to Fairtrade is life-changing news for cocoa farmers who will be able to sell more of their cocoa as Fairtrade, helping to improve living standards and create a better future for their families and communities," said Steve Knapp, Executive Director of Fairtrade Labelling Australia and New Zealand.

Cadbury will be the first major chocolate manufacturer in Australia to make the change to Fairtrade cocoa, and the announcement sets a new standard for the mainstream industry, Knapp said.

The certification is the mark of a unique, independent system ensuring farmers receive fair minimum prices for their produce that also provides additional investments for social, environmental and economic development in their communities (you can read more about the fair trade concept here).

Fairtrade Labelling Australia and New Zealand and its international partner certification body, FLO-Cert, will independently monitor and audit the supply chain to ensure the Cadbury range meets internationally agreed Fairtrade standards.

All solid chocolate products in the Cadbury Dairy Milk range will be certified, including blocks, bars and share bags. Other, non-solid chocolates (caramel-filled items, for example) will need to undergo a separate certification process. Cadbury are currently working on this, a spokesperson told G, and plan to eventually convert all lines to Fairtrade.

Consumers in Britain and Ireland are already able to buy Fairtrade certified Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates, and today's announcement also coincides with confirmation of similar plans for certification in New Zealand and Canada.

"Cadbury is incredibly proud to bring Fairtrade certified Cadbury Dairy Milk, our signature block, to Australian consumers by purchasing Fairtrade certified cocoa," said Mark Callaghan, Managing Director of Cadbury Australia and New Zealand.

The chocolate will be made available in every part of Australia, and it's price at the supermarket will not be affected by the change, he said, describing the chocolate as having "the same taste, [the] same cost, but extra ethics".

This announcement comes just after Cadbury declared it would be removing the recently-introduced palm oil in its chocolate in favour of the original cocoa-butter-only recipe.