Australian wines a carbon neutral world first


Climate Change

An Australian wine company claims to have become the first in the world to produce an entirely carbon neutral range of wines.

Taylors Wines, produced in South Australia's Clare Valley, last week announced that its Eighty Acres range had undergone a complete Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), where emissions from every stage and process were measured - beginning with the grapes in the vineyard, through harvesting and bottling and ending with consumption, disposal and recycling of empty bottles.

The company had the help of Provisor an LCA consulting company specialising in food and beverages, in developing the model for this 'cradle to grave' analysis, which was then independently audited and approved by RMIT University.

After the carbon footprint of the wine range was calculated, Taylors implemented strategies to reduce emissions, including switching to new glass bottles that are 40 per cent lighter than their predecessors and result in 15 per cent fewer emissions. It then offset the remainder of emissions by purchasing carbon credits through company Carbon Neutral.

"As a family owned winery we are committed to reducing our impact upon the environment," said Mitchel Taylor, CEO of Taylors. "Our direct link with the land, along with the long-term view we hold for our business, means we acknowledge the responsibility we have in protecting our environment both for the present and future generations."

Based on a review of world-wide carbon claims, Provisor established Taylors Wines as the first winery in the world to produce, market and sell a range of 100 per cent carbon neutral wines following the requirements set out by the International Standard for Life Cycle Assesment 14044.

Taylors also recycles all waste water generated by the winery and its bottling hall, and runs its offices on renewable GreenPower, among other eco credentials.