Game on! Help protect Australia's coast



Unprotected Waters

Much like his real-life counterparts, Sandy Seal has things tough in Australia's unprotected waters.

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A new online game, following the adventures of an endangered seal, is helping draw attention to the need for designated marine sanctuaries around Australia's coast.

The free animated game, Unprotected Waters, was commissioned by Australian group Save Our Marine Life to help publicise the lack of protection for West Australia's unique marine life, and comes as the Federal Government prepares to make key decisions on the levels of marine protection in the country's south west.

The game follows Sandy, a seal attempting to stay alive in these same unprotected waters. The goal is to help Sandy outrun the various fishing nets and boats that troll the waters, avoid oil rigs and leaking oil barrels and dodge all manner of pollution to see how long he can last.

"This is the first computer game set in Australia's south west waters - and with up to 90 per cent of species unique to the area, it's fitting that the very special nature of the wildlife here be recognised," said Save Our Marine Life spokesperson David Mackenzie, of the Conservation Council of WA.

"We're hoping the game - which is truly addictive and great fun - will help spread the word about the urgent need for large marine sanctuaries to protect south west marine life. Players will find themselves engrossed in the game, and will have the chance to sign up to the call for large marine sanctuaries. It's not every day that you get to have fun and help save the planet at the same time."

Unprotected Waters is designed to appeal to adults and children alike - including those not normally interested in computer games. Save Our Marine Life described it as the first Australian game of its kind, combining fun, education and a strong environmental message with opportunities for players to help save Australia's declining marine life by joining the call to create large marine sanctuaries.

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