Last chance to stop Kimberley gas hub


Unique dinosaur footprints are set to be swapped for a heavy carbon footprint.

North Kimberley coastline

The North Kimberley coastline.

Credit: Daisy Barham

Pied oystercatchers

Pied oystercatchers against the red cliffs of James Price Point.

Credit: Glenn Walker

James Price Point

The proposed Gas hub site James Price Point.

Credit: Glenn Walker

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Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, looks likely to approve a refinery and industrial port for liquid natural gas at James Price Point, just north of Broome in the Kimberley.

Barnett recently released an environmental impact assessment report for public comment. The report acknowledges that the proposed dredging will breach the government's environmental protection guidelines and destroy seagrass meadows, which are an essential habitat for dugong and nearby coral reefs.

A globally significant dinosaur footprint site - with at least 15 types of dinosaur tracks representing every major group of the Dinosauria - extends along the Dampier Peninsula. The report concludes that the footprints at James Price Point would be destroyed by the project.

The gas hub development at James Price Point has been proposed by mining giants Woodside, BP, Chevron, BHP Billiton and Shell. However, there are already established industrial sites outside the Kimberley such as Port Hedland that could be used to process gas.

Port Hedland Council has publicly expressed that they would like to extend their existing infrastructure of ports, power, accommodation, roads and rail, which would likely be cheaper and less damaging to the environment. Broome's Shire Council have previously voted against the development.

This development cannot go further without Government approval; public consultation for the development closes on 28 March, 2011.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society have made it easy for you to sign a submission to let the WA Government and Federal Environment Minister know that you oppose a gas refinery and industrial port at James Price Point. Write to Federal Minister Tony Burke and WA Premier Colin Barnett by clicking here.