On the bargain trail


Thousands of Aussie’s will be buzzing around to find a bargain while neighbours take the opportunity to de-clutter once again on May 5 for the annual Garage Sale Trail.


Musician Angus Stone is one of this year's new ambassadors for the Garage Sale Trail.

Garage Sale_yellowbike

The fixed gear yellow bike Stephanie Corp and flat mate Sophie Hodgson are selling this year.

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The now nationwide marketplace has stretched from its initial Garage Sale Trail in Bondi’s suburbs to a popular event set in place to promote community connections and micro enterprise while emphasising the importance of recycling and reusing.

Stephanie Corp and flat mate Sophie Hodgson are amongst the herd coming clean for the third annual Garage Sale Trail.

“We decided a while ago we needed to do a big clear out, so have spent the last few months going through our closets and compiling a huge amount of items!” says Corp about the pairs’ flowing vintage and designer collections of clothes, bags, shoes, and jewellery that will hit the streets.

It doesn’t end there. For those looking to leave less of an eco-footprint, you could be the lucky new owner of what Corp says is probably the most interesting possession at the duo’s Garage Sale.

“We are selling a fabulous fixed gear yellow bike - it's very cool!”

Local businesses, charities, libraries, cultural institutions and schools are joining alongside household sellers like Corp and Hodgson, ready to blanket the streets for the community-based event that exploded last year with over 3000 household sellers and 75000 haggle hunters.

Everyone is invited to take part - and best of all, it's easy to register and you’re free to sell whatever you please.

Self proclaimed hoarder Clarence Chai will be letting go of his possessions this year in order to make room for new thrifty finds, recognising the Garage Sale beat is the way to go.

“We are temporary custodians of ‘stuff.’ Time will come when we will pass on our possessions… we enjoy an item for a while & then it's for others to enjoy them too.”

Chai's Garage Sale “Funky Junk” is rated one of the top most viewed on the Garage Sale Trail website. His collection of goodies includes a quirky Phillipe Starck silver seat shaped like a molar tooth.

“I try to practice my policy that if I acquire a 'new' item, I have to get rid of something else,” he admits, owning the attitude that second-hand shops and markets keep him on the continuous hunt for unique finds.

“We are running out of space for urban refuse,” adds Chai. “As the world's population increases, not only is it a strain on the earth's resources, we are generating too much rubbish for landfill. The less rubbish we produce, the better it will be for the environment, and ultimately better for us.”

This year’s Trail includes new ambassadors, including Australian TV host Brendan Moar and musician Angus Stone. Melbourne based volunteer group The Sharehood will also be actively participating in the event, running three neighbourhood sales.

“We are really excited to team up with Garage Sale Trail,” says The Sharehood volunteer Michael Green. “We’re both promoting the same things – reducing consumption, improving communities and saving money.”

To really put the cycle into recycle, it looks like there will be another bike on the scene.

“We’re even going to have a special appearance from a giant seven-seater bicycle called Bikezilla,” he adds, inviting people to take it for a spin.