Memorable animal moments in 2008



  1. A polar bear called Debby, said to be the world's oldest, dies at age 42 after thrilling millions of visitors to a Canadian zoo. She had been orphaned as a cub in the Russian north, and raised in captivity.
    The death of Debbie the polar bear

  2. A lost baby whale mistakes an Australian yacht for its mother, and tries to suckle on it. It has to be put out of its misery to end its suffering.
    Orphaned baby whale adopts boat as its mother


  4. An elephant kicks its heroin habit after a three-year stint at an island rehab centre in southern China. The four-year-old Asian elephant, called Xiguang, had become hooked on the narcotic after animal smugglers captured his group by luring them with bananas laced with heroin.


  6. Rebels and the government in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who have blighted the Nord-Kivu province with months of fighting, cut a deal to allow armed park rangers back into the famed Virunga reserve to care for its long-neglected gorillas.


  7. In the US state of Arizona a woman jogger runs for a mile with a rabid fox clamped to her arm. On arriving at her car she manages to lock the animal in the trunk, and race to a hospital for treatment.
    Woman runs a mile with rabid fox on her arm


  9. An Egyptian donkey is locked up for stealing corn on the cob from a field belonging to an agricultural research institute in the Nile Delta.


  11. A small kangaroo boxes its way out of its enclosure in a German town and flees, with with emergency workers in hot pursuit. Firefighters are finally able to net the 70-centimetre tall wallaby unharmed.

  13. Snuppy, the first cloned dog, becomes a father after the world's first successful breeding involving only cloned canines.
  14. Snuppy, the first cloned dog

  15. Thousands of pets are evacuated from New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Gustav in a bid to avoid the mass heartache of Hurricane Katrina, when thousands of animals - along with hundreds of humans - died.
    Pets are evacuated ahead of Hurricane Gustav


  17. Sweden's own version of the Loch Ness monster, the Storsjoe or Great Lake monster, is been caught on film by surveillance videos, an association that installed the cameras says.


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