Neat tips to: Revamp your fridge seal

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How to fix – rather than replace – the seal of your fridge if it isn't quite airtight.


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If you take a close look at the seal of your fridge door and notice that it doesn't quite seal so it's airtight, there are a few things you can do to make it work again rather than replacing the entire seal.

Tip 1:

Grease and grime may have gathered in the seal’s folds, so clean it out with a cloth dipped in a solution of three parts warm water and one part white vinegar.

Tip 2:

Cracks can appear in the seal if moisture levels in the rubber get too low. Rejuvenate old seals or just maintain them by applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly or mineral oil over the seal and wiping off the excess.

Tip 3:

Gaps in the door seal can be fixed with a hairdryer: simply hold the dryer on a high setting over the affected area from a distance of 20 cm. Once the rubber warms up, it can be molded to cover the gap.

Tip 4:

To bulk out a seal that has lost its shape, slide a thin cylinder of plastic (such as cling wrap rolled into a tube) into the gap behind the seal to help the seal sit flush against the metal part of the fridge.