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A nutritious breakfast option that means you don’t have to give up on your health, or the sweetness and crunch of commercial brands, for the convenience of a quick bowl of cereal in the morning.


Clockwise, from top left; Crunchy Blueberries and Apple (325 g), Crunchy with Wild Berries (375 g), Crunchy mix with Fruits (375 g), Crunchy Orange and Acerola (325 g), Heritage Grain Muesli with Berries (325 g), Toasted Muesli with Carrot And Apricot (375 g), Heritage Grain Muesli with Coconut and Apricot (325 g), Poppy Seed and Plum Porridge (450 g), Mango and Physalis Porridge (450 g). Also available (not pictured): Toasted Muesli With Apple – single serve, (50 g).

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Product name: VeriVal Organic Muesli range

Reviewer: Alycia Crofton

Price: RRPs range from $9.50 – $11.50

Buy Online: Spiral Foods

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Spiral Foods is a dependable Australian wholesaler of quality health foods, and they’ve just brought the VeriVal Organic Muesli range from Austria into their collection.

VeriVal’s mueslis and porridge combine organic oats or heritage whole grains with dried fruits and natural sweeteners such as beet sugar or fruit juice. There’s no genetic modification, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are all hand made and mixed.

Try the Crunchy Blueberries and Apple for toasted clusters that are addictive on their own, but are great with a splash of your favourite milk.

Or the Heritage Grains Muesli with Berries for a filling range of oats, wheat and rice with an addition of acerola powder for a Vitamin C boost.

All of the varieties are amazing when you layer them between cashew cream and mixed berries for an impressive breakfast cocktail!

They suit not only vegetarians, but also vegans – most of the range is egg-, yeast-, and lactose-free. (Those with allergies should be aware that it’s just the two Toasted Mueslis that have milk powder added.)

The cereal packets are mixed and packaged by hand in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria using ingredients sourced from conscientious organic producers. Sustainability is recognised with their selection of heritage grains that promotes diversity in crop production and smaller suppliers.

The VeriVal headquarters also minimises resource use, successfully balancing energy efficiency and food quality.

Nutritional values, stockists, and more info is on the
Spiral Foods website.

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