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The next time someone interrupts you mid-meditation, tells you to turn off Enya and come back down to Earth, tell them to talk to the hand – which, by the way, feels much better now, thanks, after listening to the music of Katy Tsai and Tina Marsden.


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According to a recent five-year study by Dr John Denninger, director of research at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School), meditation practices are not just for the mind; they have a true biological effect on the body. “The kinds of things that happen when you meditate do have effects throughout the body, not just in the brain,” Denninger tells It specifically impacts stress-induced conditions, for example hypertension, infertility, depression and ageing.

Another recent study, this time from a team of much more tanned scientists out of the University of California, including Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn, found that 12 minutes of yoga meditation per day for eight weeks led to a 43% spike in telomerase – otherwise known as the “immortality enzyme” – dear god how do we get our hands on some of that? – which slows down the speed of cellular ageing.

So with that in mind, you can abandon the potion book and stop reading articles called ‘Should I Eat My Placenta?’ (and delete that off your browser history, fast). With meditation and yoga as a proven key to reducing stress-related physical ailments, it’s time to revamp your library of soothing music and get into the pretzel pose as often as you can. With its ability to influence mood and mind, your music choices have never been more important. The firmness of your hiney depends on it.

The music composers at Sound Oasis, Katy Tsai and Tina Marsden, have released their latest recording Journey to the Summit just in time. Five flowing tracks of gentle piano and slow flute provide a backdrop to your thoughts, lush enough to notice but invisible enough to draw you into a place of serene focus and relaxation, free from external distraction. It’s the extra hand you need to swim deeper into a place of calm serenity.

Journey to the Summit has recently been played on ABC radio, and is a favourite of yoga studios throughout Australia. Read more about Sound Oasis and its upcoming meditation and yoga retreats here, and buy the recording over at iTunes, $10.95.

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