Australia's first industry-led palm oil seminar

A range of industry and environmental spokespeople to convene and discuss the achievements and challenges faced by companies seeking to source sustainable palm oil in their supply chain.

The palm oil industry brings much needed revenue to developing countries; helping to raise the living standards standards of millions millions of people. It is versatile in use, relatively cheap and efficient grow. It accounts for 65% of all vegetable oil traded globally and is found in around 50% of supermarket packaged products.

Meanwhile palm oil is still heavily linked to deforestation and the exploitation of workers and local communities. Activist groups continue to raise awareness of these issues in the media. The advice to buyers for over a decade has focused on avoiding the use of palm oil, or to purchase certified sustainable palm oil. However, this hasn’t proved to be a viable strategy on its own.

More recently, the world’s biggest palm oil suppliers including Wilmar, Cargill and Musim Mas have publicly committed to eliminate deforestation and exploitation in their supply chains. They join a growing number of buyers such as Nestlé, Ferrero, Johnson & Johnson, Mars and Natures Organics who have all pledged to implement such policies. Indeed, over 90% of the palm oil industry is currently covered by No Deforestation policies.

The Palm Oil Seminar will review the range of industry strategies and cover the following topics:

  • The difference between certification and a No Deforestation commitment.
  • The effectiveness of RSPO certification reviewed 10 years on.
  • How Australian business can practically engage to support positive change.
  • Current growth and impact of the palm oil industry worldwide.
  • NGO palm oil campaign trends and the consumer awareness they bring.

Simon Lord - Executive Vice President, Sime Darby Berhad
Simon Siburat - GM Group Sustainability, Wilmar International
Malcolm Rands - Founder, Ecostore
Scott Poynton - Founder, The Forest Trust
Margaret Stuart - Corporate and External Relations Manager, Nestle Australia
Derek Lath - Institutional Affairs Director, Ferrero Australia
Hardi Baktiantoro - Founder, Centre For Orangutan Protection
Panut Hadisiswoyo - Founder, Orangutan Information Centre
Lorinda Jane - Founder, Palm Oil Investigations

The range of speakers at this seminar will paint a complete picture of the palm oil industry and examine the challenges faced by companies seeking to eliminate non-sustainable palm oil in their supply chains. "Every brand in Australia using palm oil in any of their products should attend", says festival convener, Lorinda Jane, President of Palm Oil investigations.

Event Details:
Tuesday, 21st July, 2015, Melbourne

Brands wishing to register their interest can do so by emailing