Plate To Farm Tracker

Trace the source of the grains that made the product in your hand.

To find out who grew your grains you just need your batch number…

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How can you know what's really in your food?

In a world of globalised production, it can be hard to know where your food was made and under what safety standards.

Round-Up herbicide has been in the news of late, with its recent listing as probably carcinogen
by WHO's IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer). It's the world's most widely used herbicide from your local council's lawn to GM crops engineered to resist it's effects so that they can be sprayed to control weeds.

But you won't just find traces of it in GMO foods, it's often used to 'dry down' conventionally grown crops, which are not resistant to its effects. 'Drying down' means literally killing off the plant in order to speed up the time to harvest.

The best way to ensure food is safe, chemical free, and of good quality is to know that it came from a reliable farm or producer, be it in Australia or overseas. And Australian consumers are hard pressed to find much transparency around most imported products.

Plate To Farm Tracker allows consumers to see where their food was made and to find out about the farmer who produced it. The tracker covers a range of food products made from organic cereal grains.

This ability to trace a product on the shelf back to the farmer is only possible through transparency in the food chain provided by the organic audit process. This is applicable to both home-grown and imported organically certified products.

Organic certification regulates additives and the use of GM technology and there is an international code of organic compliance. Organic farming and food processing has strictly controlled list of allowable inputs and producers are audited yearly to check their compliance with certification requirements.

The Plate2Farm tracker was launched this year and covers Kialla Pure Foods' products sold around Australia. Quentin Kennedy from Kialla said that the tracking tool gives consumers the confidence that the food they buy has been produced to those high safety standards.

“We wanted to develop a system that is simple and transparent. Plate2Farm gives consumers proper reassurance that the product they bought was produced safely,” said Mr Kennedy.

Grab your batch number and check it out here: