Making Music And Restoring Critical Woodland Habitat In Tasmania

Greening Australia in partnership with singer-songwriters and acoustic trio The Belle Miners have launched an exciting new crowd-funding initiative for the Tasmanian Midlands Restoration Project.

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As Greening Australia’s Jonathan Duddles explains, “the Tasmanian Midlands is where it all started for us in 1982 but we never imagined, 30 years ago, we could do it at such an industrial scale.”

Donations to the campaign will help make corridors for Tasmania’s special endemic wild animals (quolls, bettongs and devils) to move between wooded fragments, while restoring rivers, soil and native vegetation.
Supporters will receive a specially-made music CD and get the chance to hear the band live in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania in the New Year.

The Belle Miners have a special connection to nature. Inspired by the rhythmical intonation of vagabond Bell Miners in the Australian bush, the band was named Bell with an 'e'.. for ‘beautiful’.

Their dense vocal harmonies, clever lyrics and liberating, joyous sound resonate with wild places. For two seasons they have entertained Australian fans, co- headlining Hobart’s Australian Wooden Boat Festival in 2015 and drawing repeat crowds and heartfelt testimonies.

“With every key stroke and guitar strum their songs pluck at your heartstrings” David Locke, Forte Magazine.
The Tasmanian Midlands Restoration Project, in collaboration with regional land owners, will restore a monumental 100,000 hectares of bushland.

Contributors to the crowd-fund can help Greening Australia raise the project’s profile and, through a creative partnership between art and ecology, promote this ground-breaking ... and ground-making initiative.

The Belle Miners will return to Tasmania in the first half of January 2016, visiting Sheffield, Marakoopa, Ross and Hobart.

The campaign can be found at: