A flowery floor wash

Concentrated, with plant derived and natural vegetable derived oils and certified organic herbs.

Natural Instinct Floor Cleaner

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Product name: Natural Instinct Floor Cleaner

Reviewer: Bianca Nogrady

Price: $7.95

Size: 1 L

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Natural Instinct is an Australian company whose products contain no petroleum by-products, no artificial fragrances or colours.

"The ingredients are plant derived and environmentally friendly, and contain only the finest quality ingredients including natural vegetable derived oils and certified organic herbs," the company's website says.

The floor cleaner is quite concentrated, so only a small amount is needed. The pleasant smell comes from ingredients such as nettle, burdock, rosehip, lavender and eucalyptus oil.

The company claims the product is 100 per cent biodegradable and all the ingredients listed on the recyclable bottle are plant-derived.

Available from pharmacies and health food stores nationally.

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