It's a laundry miracle

The Miracle Wash Laundry Ball pellets can last up to 60 washes!

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Product name: Miracle Wash Laundry Ball

Reviewer: Bianca Nogrady

Manufacturer: Laundry Ball

Price: Introductory Starter Kit is $54.95

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Australian mother of four Dana Steddy developed the Laundry Ball - which replaces regular laundry detergent - in an effort to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals to which her children's sensitive skin was exposed.

The Laundry Balls are filled with pellets made mostly from mineral and plant-based ingredients, plus a surfactant that the company says is "environmentally-safe and biodegradable".

The balls work best in cold water, contain no phosphates, and last 2-5 years, with the pellets lasting up to 60 washes before they need to be refilled.

However, it's important to remember that this product is manufactured overseas.

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