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Beautiful fair trade fashion from developing countries.

Global Conduct fair trade fashion

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Product name: Global Conduct fair trade fashion

Reviewer: Cynthia Faith & Sarah Wood

Manufacturer: Global Conduct

Price: Loose Allo Hat, $8.50; Silk Noil Loop Sarong, $58.90

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Global Conduct is a small, family business with some big ideas.

Their top priority is to spread the fair trade message.

Business founder Lisa Redmond says: "Fair trade means a better deal all round for producers. We import directly from disadvantaged producers in developing countries and pay their asking price up front on all of our orders.

The pricing they set allows fair wages to be paid to the artists, which includes a premium used to provide social, health and educational programs, and improved environmental performance."

So, by supporting fair trade it also means you're helping create a market, facilitating better environmental practices and encouraging sustainably managed resources.

Check out Global Conduct's Loose Allo Hat, made from a fibre extracted from the giant himalayan nettle and the silk off-cuts from Indian sari manufacture and, pictured in sea green and persimmon, the Silk Noil Loop Sarong.

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