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Re-hydrate after a long hot sumer day.

Save Our Skin Magical Golden Oil

Save Our Skin Magical Golden Oil

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Product name: Save Our Skin Magical Golden Oil

Reviewer: Cynthia Faith and Sarah Wood

Manufacturer: Save Our Skin

Price: $36

Size: 250 mL

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I have a friend who swears by olive oil, saying it stopped her from getting stretch marks during her pregnancy.

Most people would screw their faces up at the thought of putting oil on their skin for fear of blocking pores.

However, oil is readily soaked up by our skin, making it softer, more hydrated and protected.

But if you don't fancy smelling like a Greek salad, I've found a sweet smelling alternative, Save Our Skin Magical Golden Oil, 250ml, $36.

Made using organic olives and mandarins from Italy, and calendula flowers from Australia, three of the five ingredients in the oil are NAASA certified organic.

To re-hydrate skin after a long hot summer day, rub this oil onto your face or body, or use it as a conditioner for sun and salt damaged hair.

You need only use a small amount and the aluminium packaging is recyclable.

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