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A sophisticated face-mask with active natural fruit and plant extracts.

Ilcsi Active Organics Rose Hip Gel Mask

Ilcsi Active Organics Rose Hip Gel Mask

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Product name: Ilcsi rose hip face mask

Reviewer: Cynthia Faith and Sarah Wood

Price: $90

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For sun-soaked skin, or a DIY treat at the end of a long day, you can't go past a face mask to revive a parched complexion.

Ilcsi, pronounced il-chi, is a luxe Hungarian brand of handmade, organic skincare products perfect for restoring skin to optimal health.

All products in the Ilcsi range are made with a blend of herbs, fruits and vegetables that are organically grown, hand selected and harvested in Hungary.

However, "whilst they contain organic ingredients, the products are not certified", according to Mia Cassin, the Australian distributor.

Another unfortunate downside of this beautiful product is the carbon footprint incurred by shipping it to Australia.

Nonetheless, the products are certified for quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability and efficiency by the International Organisation for Standardisation.

According to Helen Chandler from Carbon Planet, shipping each jar from Hungary to here creates around 92 g of CO2 compared with a whopping 55.2 kg of CO2 that would be emitted if that jar were air-freighted.

Natural fruit and plant extracts in this sophisticated range, designed for nourishing oily or sensitive skin, are incredibly active, and after one application of the Ilcsi Active Organics Rose Hip Gel Mask, $90, my skin was tingling and left with a rosy glow.

The next day my skin felt softer and my complexion looked clearer and less blotchy.

For stockist details, call 1800 808 993.

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