Bathed and swathed

Indian-grown organic cotton towels.


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Product name: EcoLinen organic cotton towels

Reviewer: Keeli Cambourne

Manufacturer: Eco Linen

Price: face cloth, $5; bath sheet, $39

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Continue the good work of saving water in the shower after you get out with an organically certified cotton towel.

EcoLinen towels, from $39, are made from certified organic cotton produced in India, where the monsoonal rains mean additional irrigation is not needed.

Although there is organic cotton grown in Australia, EcoLinen believes Indian weather conditions are much more suitable. So, precious water in Australia's current drought circumstances is not diverted from where it is needed.

The cotton is grown without artificial chemicals, so there is no chance of any nasties remaining in the fibre to seep into sensitive skins.

EcoLinen uses low-impact certified organic dyes and hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorine bleach.

The production in both India and Australia is sweatshop-free and abides by Fairtrade guidelines.

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