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Enjoy the authentic taste of Asian food with Charmaine Solomon's curry paste

Charmaine Solomon's curry paste

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Product name: Charmaine Solomon's curry paste

Reviewer: Sheridan Rogers and Wendy Berecry

Price: $11.95

Size: 260g

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Celebrity chef Charmaine Solomon has introduced many Australians to the delights of cooking Asian food.

Her range of quality curry pastes are perfect for those who lack the time to source the ingredients themselves.

The range, which includes Thai Masaman and Rendang, $11.95 per jar, uses only natural ingredients with no added preservatives, flavourings or colourings.

Curry paste, as opposed to curry powder, has a fresh, rich flavour because it allows for the addition of ingredients such as fresh ginger, tamarind, lemon and galangal.

Available from supermarkets and delicatessens nationally.

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