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A richer, creamier organic milk.

Paul's Parmalat Pure Organic Unhomogenised Milk

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Product name: Paul's Parmalat Pure Organic Unhomogenised Milk

Reviewer: Sheridan Rogers and Wendy Berecry

Price: $2.25

Size: 1 litre

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Paul's Parmalat Organic Unhomogenised Milk is made in Bendigo, Victoria, at Parmalat Australia's fully certified plant.

Most milk in Australia is homogenised - forced at high pressure through fine pipes - which makes it whiter and thinner.

In unhomogenised milk, the cream rises to the top, making it richer and stronger in taste.

Many people today prefer homogenised milk because they've become accustomed to its milder taste.

Also look out for Pure Biodynamic Full Cream Milk, available in unhomogenised and homogenised varieties, both $2.25 for one litre.

Available from major supermarkets and selected health food stores.

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