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Gigi's organic ice-creams; healthy for you and the environment!

Gigi's Ice Cream

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Product name: Gigi's Ice Cream

Reviewer: Sheridan Rogers and Wendy Berecry

Price: $11 - $12 for 500 ml and $18 for 1 litre

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Luigi Barosso knows a thing or two about making ice cream - his family have been converting natural products into delicious frozen desserts for almost a century.

Originally from northern Italy, the Barosso family have been refining their skills for four generations and make a fabulous variety of organic ice-creams using milk from certified organic suppliers, sugar from Rocky Point Organics and certified organic fruit and other ingredients.

Varieties include licorice, chocolate, passionfruit, vanilla, macadamia and mango.

Gigi's Ice Creams are available from health food stores and gourmet food outlets.

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