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Extra-bright LED's that can float in a pool or pond

Solar Ball light

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Product name: Solar Ball light

Reviewer: Karen Heinrich

Price: $19.95 each

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These Solar Ball lights come in blue, orange and clear and have unlimited applications.

The size of a small rockmelon, they can be floated in a swimming pool or a pond, popped on an outdoor table or hung from trees.

They feature a solar panel and an extra-bright LED that automatically turns on in the dark.

After 12 hours of sunlight charge, which the ball stores via an internal rechargeable battery, they shine continuously for 24 hours.

Pretty as they may be, they're imported from China and their importer suspects the inbuilt batteries are nickel-cadmium (NiCad). If sent to landfill, cadmium, a toxic heavy metal, can leach from the batteries into ground water.

Make sure you send this through the hazardous waste collection at the end of its life.

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