Hot-smoked baby, yeah!

Scrumptious salmon

41° South Hot-Smoked Baby Salmon

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Product name: 41° South Hot-Smoked Baby Salmon

Reviewer: Richard Cornish

Price: $30 - $40 per kg

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These hot-smoked baby salmon come from a Tasmanian fish farm where the pond water is cleaned in an artificial wetland - so water returning to the stream is cleaner than when it was diverted into the farm!

Salmon are harvested at 600 to 800 g, brined in spices then hot-smoked over pine and Blackwood shavings.

Vacuum-packed in pouches, they are moist, delicate and have a subtle, smoky aroma.

Pack in your picnic basket or break apart over warm boiled potatoes and cover with horseradish cream.

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