Gardening Australia: Permaculture and Organic Gardening

A 'how-to' guide for your own organic, permaculture garden

Gardening Australia: Permaculture and Organic Gardening

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Product name: Gardening Australia: Permaculture and Organic Gardening

Reviewer: Jenny Blackford

Author: Hosted by Peter Cundall. Presented by Josh Byrne

Publisher: ABC DVD

Price: $29.95

Size: 102 minutes

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This DVD follows regular Gardening Australia presenter and environment-conscious gardener Josh Byrne, as he transforms a neglected garden on a suburban quarter-acre block in Perth into a lush, but water-wise, permaculture garden.

First, the viewer sees Byrne carefully planning his garden, taking into account the position and strength of the sun through the year, the wind, views, and frequency of use.

Just as it's useful for a home gardener to see Peter Cundall endlessly planting, harvesting and feeding the soil in his Tasmanian garden, it's good to see Byrne and his friends actually doing the tasks.

Much of the garden, including the chicken pens, is designed to produce food. But he also devotes large areas to native vegetation, planting out the wide nature strip with local plants, some rescued from bushland being cleared.

His 'water feature' is designed to work like natural wetlands, and built largely out of old slabs and carpet rescued from clearing the block.

The practical attitude towards sustainability which Byrne demonstrates in this DVD is to be commended, and, hopefully, emulated.

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