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Product name: 'Purity' tunic, $286; 'Freedom' crop jacket, $242; 'Trance' dress, $120.

Reviewer: Cynthia Faith

Manufacturer: Pure Pod

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Adopting a green wardrobe needn't mean exchanging style for beige, baggy or boring pieces.

Pure Pod is one of the eco-fashion brands designing stylish, ethical clothing, which are cropping up eveywhere.

It's range for men and women is original, versatile and made from high quality, sustainable fabrics including bamboo, organic cotton, hemp, soy and silk.

Designer Kelli Donovan and partner Sean Watson started Pure Pod as they'd been concerned about the wastage and pollution caused by fast fashion, and rubbish from the clothing industry.

"Today's fashion is tomorrow waste, is a motto I use," says Kelli.

"I have intentionally designed ranges that will not be changed each season and have classic styles that can go across age groups and sizes."

For stockist details, call (02) 6687 0411.

Pictured here:

'Purity' tunic, pink hand printed fabric, from textile designer Anne Leon, $286.

'Freedom' green crop jacket, screen-printed bamboo and organic cotton jersey knit from textile designer Anne Leon, $242.

'Trance' dress, brown bamboo and organic cotton jersey knit, $120.

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