Sustainable Australian Travel for Dummies


Sustainable Australian Travel for Dummies

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Product name: Sustainable Australian Travel for Dummies

Reviewer: Kate Arneman

Author: Michael Grosvenor

Publisher: Wiley

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It's generally agreed that holidaying at home is a greener option than flying to the other side of the globe for a couple of weeks. And considering how alluring a destination Asutralia is to people from all over the world, we have a pretty amazing "backyard" to explore.

Author and urban planning consultant Michael Grosvenor has put together a great guide book that makes it easy for you to make sustainable choices when planning your next domestic trip, with Sustainable Australian Travel for Dummies.

The information is specific in that all the information comes from a green perspective, yet broad in that it caters to a range of budgets and age groups.

A great deal of thought has gone into the structure of this book, making it very user-friendly. For example, there are masses of cross-references throughout the text so that you can jump to the relevant section without having to flick through the whole book.

The first third of the book deals with general travel issues: researching, planning and booking a green holiday, how to spot greenwash, supporting local economies and indigenous communities, alternatives to driving and flying, and carbon offsets.

The last two thirds address 12 regions with information about getting there, public transport and cycle paths within each region, eco-friendly accomodation, sustainable shopping, natural wonders, cultural attractions and eateries that serve organic and or local produce.

There are reasonably detailed maps of each region but not of individual towns or cities.

If you like Grosvenor's no-nonsense approach to green issues, check out his other book, Sustainable Living for Dummies.

Printed on PEFC/FSC-certified paper.

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