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Organic Instinct

Organic Instinct baby shampoo, conditioner and massage oil

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Product name: Organic Instinct

Reviewer: Kirsten Alexander

Manufacturer: Natural Instinct

Price: Natural Baby Shampoo and Conditioner $7.95 each; Baby Massage Oil $9.95

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I can hardly get my youngest to tolerate shampoo - let alone a separate conditioner - but you may have better luck.

I used both Organic Instinct products on him (once) and myself (repeatedly), and our hair was soft and shiny afterwards.

The Baby Massage Oil met with no resistance: it is a blend of seven plant-based oils, free from petrochemicals. And didn't soak in too quickly or cause a thick slick on the skin.

All of the products are certified organic, and include no sodium lauryl sulphates (SLSs).

Regardless of whether you're convinced about the purported health risks of SLSs, consider that everything you put on your baby's skin ultimately heads down the drain.

The range is sold at pharmacies and online.

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