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Sustainable Baby

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Product name: Sustainable Baby: A Parent's Practical Guide to Consuming Less and Living Better

Reviewer: Kate Arneman

Author: Debbie Hodgson

Publisher: ABC Books

Price: $24.95

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More sustainable lifestyle choices can often save you money, but what about time? And what sleep-deprived new parent can be blamed for choosing the more convenient but less sustainable option?

For Debbie Hodgson, author of Sustainable Baby, working, buying and spending less means having more time for a slower-paced but ultimately more rewarding lifestyle with her husband and young children.

However, you don't need to subscribe wholly to this philosophy to find great money-saving and eco-friendly tips and ideas on clothing, feeding and entertaining your baby or toddler in this book.

Hodgson's approach draws on the resourcefulness of our grandparent's generation, when making things yourself, making things last and mending household items was second nature.

Has your bub grown out of an all-in-one sleepsuit? Cut the feet off to make it last longer, she suggests. Stained clothes? Try dyeing them with tumeric or sewing an applique over the spot.

Nappies are a hot topic for eco-aware parents and a whole chapter is devoted to the issues surrounding cloth versus disposables. There are some good suggestions for minimising the environmental impact of both kinds and some nifty instructions on different folding techniques for cloth nappies, how to sew a fitted nappy and how to turn an old jumper into a nappy cover.

A section on playing with your baby looks at the way household items and natural objects can make fantastic, inexpensive and educational toys.

There are also chapters on home cooking for little ones (with recipes), skin care, natural remedies and first aid, and reducing waste in your household.

Although the author says her advice is not intended to be prescriptive, some readers might find language such as "the bind of consumerism and slaving to pay for it" and "if you can't break your addiction to the convenience of disposable nappies" a little preachy for their liking.

If you can get past that, pick and choose what applies to you from this extremely practical resource.

Printed with vegetable-based inks on elemental chlorine-free paper from PEFC-certified forests.

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