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Organic wash cloth from Blessed Earth

Organic wash cloth from Blessed Earth

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Product name: Various products from Blessed Earth

Reviewer: Kirsten Alexander

Price: Sleeveless bodysuits $19; cotton wool balls, 100 for $6.95; knitted cotton washcloths, three for $20

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The range in the Blessed Earth boutique near Maroochydore in Queensland is small, but of high quality and integrity.

Online, you can buy their organic cotton baby clothes (sleeveless bodysuits), sheets, cotton wool balls and knitted cotton washcloths that are soft and dry quickly.

Blessed Earth also distributes baby clothes made of Sekem Egyptian certified organic cotton.

Sekem grows cotton biodynamically on farmland that was once desert.

It's certified by Demeter, which checks that farms meet organic standards as well as imposing manufacturing guidelines relating to garment construction and the dying process. 'Low impact' dyes are used which do not contain heavy metals.

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