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Pure Baby clothes

Pure Baby organic cotton shirts

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Product name: Pure Baby clothes

Reviewer: Kirsten Alexander

Manufacturer: Pure Baby

Price: Singlets $12.95; t-shirts $22 - $24.95; growsuits and bunny rugs $29.95

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Pure Baby clothes are made of organic cotton certified by Dutch agency SKAL, and manufactured in a SKAL-approved facility in India.

They are beautifully designed (cute and easy to get on and off), and include as many colourful outfits for baby boys as for girls.

The clothes and muslin wraps are soft to touch even before washing.

The company uses organic cotton because it is grown without pesticides that kill insect life and contaminate the soil, waterways and air.

They also argue that the chemicals used to grow conventional cotton weaken the fibres - so garments will not wear as well.

Pure Baby's clothing range goes from newborn sizes to seven-year-old children.

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