Waste not with Szaky

A book that will seriously change the way you see rubbish.


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Product name: Outsmart Waste

Reviewer: Rivqa Rafael

Author: Tom Skazy

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Price: $24.99

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With gentle humour and well-referenced research, Outsmart Waste is an excellent primer of the intricacies of rubbish.

From the economical principles behind landfill to the nitty-gritty of how to upcycle chocolate wrappers, Tom Skazy will change the way you think about rubbish.

Skazy is founder and CEO of TerraCycle, a company that refuses to accept that any material can’t be reused, recycled or cleverly upcycled.

Soft plastics, cigarette butts and even dirty nappies – no waste product is too small or too disgusting for his determined global crew.

Although much of what Skazy suggests may already be second nature to the average Green Lifestyle reader, you may find some new ideas or inspiration about what to do with rubbish beyond sending it to landfill, as well as some hints to ensure that your recycling really is recycled.

As TerraCycle has recently hit our shores, more info for the new Australian initiatives, including Brigade's for Nature's Organics Cleaner Packaging, Oral Care, Nespresso Coffee Capsules and Cigarette Waste, some Aussie context in Skazy's newest book would have been nice – but this short, no-nonsense guide is a great starting point for young people and new greenies.

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