Australia's Best Eco-Friendly Holidays


Australia's Best Eco-Friendly Holidays

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Product name: Australia's Best Eco-Friendly Holidays

Reviewer: Kate Arneman

Author: Ken Eastwood

Publisher: Explore Australia

Price: $49.95

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This is an absolutely beautiful book with abundant colour photographs and stunning design. It's also a great overview of sustainable travel experiences throughout Australia.

In terms of size and weight, this is more coffee table than stuff-in-your backpack material, so best to consult it when looking for inspiration for your next holiday.

A thoughtful introduction discusses the potential of eco-tourism to provide a sense of reconnection to the natural world, solace from the pace of day-to-day living and appreciation of indigenous cultures. Author Ken Eastwood, a former associate editor of Australian Geographic, gives his perspective on greenwashing and how he selected which tours, accommodation and activities to include.

In addition to sections for each state and territory, there is an additional section about Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, The Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Antarctica. The broad scope of the book necessarily limits the depth of coverage given to each destination but you still get a good sense what the attractions of the various places are.

Information is divided into where to stay, activities and where to eat. Accommodation options range from camping, cabins and B&Bs to the occasional eco-resort. I found it strange that prices are not listed in the book, although websites are, so you can find out easily enough.

Low-impact outdoors activities that provide opportunities to enjoy the wildlife and landscape are the focal point of the whole book, from the adventurous (ice climbing in the Snowy Mountains) to the more sedate (picnicking). There are entries for snorkelling, wildlife cruises, mountain biking, cycling, surfing, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing, bushwalking, sailing, swimming, caving, get the idea!

Printed on FSC-certified paper using soy-based inks. The carbon emissions incurred through researching this book were offset through Climate Friendly.

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