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Mindfully Green

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Product name: Mindfully Green: A Personal and Spiritual Guide to Whole-Earth Thinking

Reviewer: Kate Arneman

Author: Stephanie Kaza

Publisher: Finch

Price: $24.95

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What inspires you to take action on green issues? Are there particular people, places or experiences that have changed your views on the environment? And what beliefs inform your outlook on sustainability?

In Mindfully Green, academic, Buddhist teacher and environmental educator Stephanie Kaza invites us to reflect on our own motivations, beliefs and experiences as they relate to green living, and offers insights from her personal spiritual path. She's been a student of Zen Buddhism for most of her life and has found that the philosphical structure and spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness have sustained her work as an environmentalist.

Kaza outlines three central principles from Buddhism that relate to our relationship with nature. "Reducing harm" is self-explanatory, while "being with the suffering" is about developing empathy and awareness of damage to the Earth without becoming too overwhelmed to act in response. The third principle, "embracing the deep view" refers to developing an understanding of the interconnectedness of ecological systems and how changing one thing has repercussions throughout the whole system.

A section on "Following the green path" looks at the different stages of environmental awareness and offers some great advice for newcomers and seasoned treehuggers alike on how to avoid burn-out and deal with unhelpful emotions.

You don't have to be a Buddhist to find useful tips and advice here - Kaza explains the concepts in a clear and non-dogmatic manner.

There are plenty of stories drawn from her teaching experiences which are particularly engaging.

Printed on FSC-certified paper by an FSC-certified local printer to reduce shipping miles.

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