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A free online resource that helps you to add green plant walls and roofs to buildings.


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Product name: The Growing Green Guide

Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

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It just got easier to surround yourself in green plants every single day.

There’s a new online resource, The Growing Green Guide, to help make decisions on how to add green plant walls and roofs to buildings.

Managed by researchers at the University of Melbourne, the step-by-step guide is aimed at homeowners that are thinking of renovating, building owners, designers and town planners.

“Green walls and rooftops help cool our city and retain stormwater, which helps reduce flash flooding,” says City of Melbourne Environment Councillor Arron Wood.

“The guide will help transform existing buildings and create new ones which can use their roofs, walls and facades to work with the environment rather than against it.”

Check out suitable plant types, and download the guide as a PDF at:

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