Build fast – and green

The Quickshack showcases all the eco- and price-benefits of modular homes, using less resources and creating less waste.


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Price: From $85,000

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The high cost of labour in Australia is driving innovative prefabricated construction techniques that significantly reduce the cost of building.

The Quickshack customisable modern granny flat is a completely new step for modular building.

The units are quantifiable and pre-designed, so there is less waste.

It also tackles pollution by reducing the transport distance of materials.

“Our off-site construction reduces building waste by at least 15 per cent,” says Rufus Harding, managing director of Quickshack.

The kit homes have a good range of designs available to choose from, including an option to fit out your shack with a living green roof.

Additions such as solar panels or decking, are simple and easy, reducing the overall cost of building a new green home.

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