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KeepCup have released a limited edition cork style to their gorgeous reusable, takeaway glass cups.


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Reviewer: Caitlin Howlett

Price: $30 (27 ml), $32 (340 ml)

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Australians use about 500 million disposable cups a year and most are not recycled.

But never fear – the KeepCup is here!

Using a reusable coffee cup of any kind not only helps to reduce landfill, there's also the embodied energy-saving from making the disposable cup in the first place.

So, in looking for a reusable cup with the lowest impact, we're pretty chuffed to see that KeepCup have released a limited edition cork range in their glass Brew cups.

Cork is a sustainable alternative to many environmentally-damaging products. The trees don't need to be cut down to harvest the useful bark, and the tree continues to grow. And, cork is insulating, waterproof, stain resistant, fade-resistant, fire-resistant, and completely recyclable and biodegradable.

For more info on the sustainability benefits of cork, see our feature, Cork, the eco-textile.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven't got a reusable coffee cup of some sort, this new, limited edition cork design is a pretty swanky way to show your green credentials!

We've featured the KeepCup a few times before; read our interview with the co-founder Abigail Forsyth, and see our review of the Teeny Weeny KeepCup .

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