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The team at Sydney's renowned raw vegan café, Sadhana Kitchen, have a mouth-watering new e-book that will make you rethink everything you know about raw food.

Uncooked cookbook
Caramel Cheezecake

Caramel Cheezecake with candied macadamia nuts.

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Product name: Uncooked - Sadhana Kitchen

Reviewer: Molly O'Neill

Author: Maz Valcorza

Price: $24.95 e-book, $39.95 hard copy

Buy Online: Sadhana Kitchen

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Have you ever wanted to try making your own raw vegan food? Or are you looking for a little more inspiration to try some healthier cooking? Look no further, as we've got a special find for you!

Beautifully put together by Maz Valcoraza, and the unstoppable Sydney-based team from Sadhana Kitchen, Organic Wholefoods and Raw Foods Café, this little gem is riddled with mouth-watering recipes that will make you wonder why you've never tried going raw before.

Providing an informative, yet fun and engaging book, Maz has taken care in producing a cookbook filled with beautiful photography and easy to follow recipes.

The first section explains the benefits of eating a completely raw, organic diet, leading onto an A-Z guide of some of those ingredients that may seem a little strange at first. Valcoraza makes it clear that changing to a raw and vegan diet may be a challenge for some, so she's included a step-by-step guide along with easy substitution ideas, and a list of handy kitchen equipment and pantry essentials.

The first chapter suggests people start the transition with a wide variety of cold-pressed juices, with quirky names like the 'Veggie patch’ or 'Good bloody root'. The superfood smoothie recipes are inspiring, colourful, are a great kick-start to your day, and have a high nutritional-content to match.

The next chapter on dips, dressings and sauces is overflowing with creative ideas that could make a perfect addition to any meal. Then, the snacks chapter has scrumptious recipes for between-meal inspiration, leading into the mains and meals – filled with recipes to keep you busy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The book finishes with a boom – sweets and treats! Beware: photos of all of the treats will make you drool, but pay careful attention to the vegan Caramel Cheezecake with candied macadamia nuts. Mmmm, are you drooling yet?

Uncooked is certainly an inspiring collection of healthy food, accessible to anyone who knows how to switch on a blender or grate a carrot. We suggest you try out the environmentally-friendly e-book, available at your fingertips any time of the day or night, or if you're a hardcore fan of the hard copy, this is available for purchase too at Sadhana Kitchen.

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