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Waterwizz DIY Water Saving Kit

Waterwizz DIY Water Saving Kit

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Product name: Waterwizz DIY Water Saving Kit

Reviewer: Keeli Cambourne

Price: $39.95

Size: 6 pack

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The trouble with a lot of water-saving devices is the effect they often have on your water pressure.

The Waterwizz range of inline water flow devices won't turn your steaming shower into a tiny trickle, but will reduce your water usage by 60 per cent in the shower and 90 per cent in the washbasin.

The device is designed to fit between the wall outlet and the existing showerhead or the water pipe, eliminating the need to replace existing fittings or fixtures.

The devices come in a range of flow rates and have the highest available water efficiency rating (AAAAA).

Available in a sixpack (two for the shower and four for the basins in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry).

For stockist details call (03) 9546 5000.

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