Janella's recipes for wellbeing

In her latest cookbook, Janella has provided a practical daily guide for creating healthy meals for your health and wellbeing.

Janella's Super Natural Foods

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Product name: Janella's Super Natural Foods

Reviewer: Sumnima Dewan

Author: Janella Purcell

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

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Janella Purcell’s new cookbook brings together over 150 super natural food recipes, all aimed at sustaining your wellbeing.

The book has a dynamic selection of recipes that use superfoods combined with a good old-fashioned plant-based diet that will help you to create healthy meals for your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Janella Purcell is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, and iridologist. She lives between Sydney and the Byron Bay hinterlands, and she has her own private practices in both places. She's an advocate for healthy brands such as Lifestream. This is her fourth book, inspired by her recent travels to Italy, Japan, India, the Middle East, and South-east Asia.

Janella’s Super Natural Foods is all about creating and enjoying dishes in an ethical, healthy, and eco-friendly way. With this in mind, Janella shares her wealth of real-world knowledge and practical experience. Her mantra for cooking is to ‘keep it simple’.

We particularly love that Janella has included a list of alternative ingredients to swap with unsustainable, unhealthy choices. And for those who are less enthusiastic about the book being completely vegetarian, Janella has offered variations on most of her recipes to substitute other ingredients, so you can easily adapt each meal to suit the whole family.

Learning how to prepare a truly healthy dish is at the heart of this book. It really is a guide to everyday cooking, with recipes for desserts, snacks, drinks, and sauces. It’s brimming with inspirational ideas to easily create in your own kitchen, and most of the recipes are accompanied with bright, bold photographs so you know what you’re aiming for.

Written in a casual and easy to understand style, every recipe has Janella’s personal touch. She not only gives advice and tips but also shares her own experiences and stories.

To me, she almost sounds like a mother or a big sister giving me some culinary advice; and this makes it all the more likely that I'll adopt more healthy, sustainable changes into my life.

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