Sustainability with Style

In her latest book, eco-fashionista Lisa Heinze shares tips and ideas from her own life experiences about living sustainably with style.

Sustainability with Style

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Product name: Sustainability with Style

Reviewer: Sumnima Dewan

Author: Lisa Heinze

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This book is about a journey of change. It's the story of how an image-obsessed fashionista transitioned into a keen environmentalist, and how she learnt to wear highly fashionable clothing in the most sustainable way possible.

Lisa Heinze is a fashion- and planet-lover who's worked in advertising and marketing for over 10 years. She had her eco-consciousness heightened while doing her Master’s thesis in Cultural Studies.

In her book, it's her story-telling technique that really shines; she talks about her personal experiences with honesty, supports her arguments with research and statistics, and at the same time adds humor to make for a truly entertaining read.

Lisa shares her favourite eco-shopping experiences – like finding range of bamboo-based underwear, or certified-organic natural beauty products that actually work – all along the way providing readers with practical advice to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lifestyles. 

Admitting that her green transformation was challenging at times, Lisa writes honestly about how she endured social struggles and sometimes found herself in awkward situations. Eventually, she finds a niche where she finds her eco-balance and an effective way to communicate the green ethos to non-greenies.

The book is available in print, as well as eBook. It is printed on recycled paper and the paperback version is created using Print on Demand so that no excess books will be printed.

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