The Converging World

The Converging World aims to produce a genuine carbon offset program.

The Converging World

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Product name: The Converging World

Reviewer: Jenny Blackford

Author: John Pontin

Publisher: Piatkus

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Carbon offset programs are often viewed with suspicion, but The Converging World (TCW) is one that has been designed with the aim of producing genuinely useful results worldwide.

It's the global community arm of Go Zero, an ecological initiative by the charmingly named village of Chew Magna in southeast England.

The author of this book, businessman and philanthropist John Pontin, is one of the movers behind the project.

TCW project twins Chew Magna with an area in Tamil Nadu in southern India, spreading the burden of pollution between them, and providing benefits to both.

The group funds wind turbines in southern India, which produce a much-needed supply of green electricity; the profits provide a steady income for the grassroots charity SCAD (Social Change and Development) within Tamil Nadu, and the carbon credits can be sold in Britain to fund sustainable projects there.

One hopes that the author isn't self-deluded - that the scheme will do all the good he hopes it will.

He's incredibly well meaning and enthusiastic, but he's a businessman, not a writer: the prose is pedestrian and the structure can often be confusing.

Printed on FSC-accredited paper.

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