The Conscious Cook: Sustainable cooking and living

This is more than just a cookbook; it's a classic.

The Conscious Cook: Sustainable cooking and living

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Product name: The Conscious Cook: Sustainable cooking and living

Reviewer: Rosaleen Love

Author: Giselle Wilkinson

Publisher: Brolga Publishing

Price: $34.95

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The Conscious Cook is a philosophy of food for a changing world.

Author Giselle Wilkinson says our current approach to food is a big factor contributing to global warming. Along with her recipes for plain, nourishing food, she provides information that links food choices to global issues of sustainability, community and justice.

The conscious cook chooses her ingredients according to how and where they are produced, preferring food that's in season and grown locally and sustainably.

In sourcing local food, for example, she chooses heirloom or heritage varieties to preserve biodiversity. Water and energy use is also factored in, from the farm to the kitchen: using just one pan, one mixing bowl, and one gas burner can make a difference, she says.

Although much care has gone into the design of the book, I found the practical recipe section's red print on brown paper difficult to read.

Printed on FSC-certified paper using soy-based inks.

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