GasLand: a film by Josh Fox

The billion dollar energy industry has a dirty little secret...

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Product name: GasLand: A film by Josh Fox

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Imagine getting a letter in the mail from a mining company offering you $100,000 for permission to explore your property for natural gas. That's what happened to Josh Fox, theatre director and part-time banjo player, at his family farm in the lush Delaware River Basin, just north of New York.

Despite being tempted - as his neighbours had been - to take the money, Josh decides instead to take a handheld camera to places across America currently being mined for gas and coal-seam gas mining, otherwise known as 'fracking'.

Natural gas is often hailed as an 'eco-energy' because it burns clean, but Josh soon discovers that the mining of natural gas via fracking causes air pollution, irreversible damage to waterways and is carcinogenic to wildlife, farm animals and people.

Josh's concerns mount as he learns more about the environmental destruction and complete lack of disregard by mining companies for people living on and around the gas mines. He meets homeowners who can set the water coming out of their taps alight; one family being too scared to do this as experts have warned them their house could blow up.

Many people interviewed in Josh's documentary had been drinking their tap water for years, only to find out that it was contaminated with hundreds of carcinogenic, poisonous pollutants - only present since the Halliburton-led mining company had arrived in the area.

A fantastic insight into the deception by an industry, as relevant here in Australia as it is in the US.

Fracking is happening now in Australia. For more about the latest developments and to contribute to the discussion, visit The Total Environment Centre have a campaign, Don't frack the gas out of us, where you can take action to support an independent public inquiry into the impacts of gas fracking in Australia.

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